The managerial team is made up of Mr. Kuldip Nayar, Mrs. Lakshmi Nayar and Mr. Nisheeth Nayar. Each has a designated area of responsibility and has over the years obtained expertise in the same.

Mr. Kuldip Nayar is in charge of accounts, marketing and formulates the promotional campaigns. He is in a position to plan imaginative marketing campaigns to attract customers. The concept of database marketing was further developed by him to lend a personal touch to the process of purchasing pearl jewellery.

Mrs. Lakshmi Nayar is the sole in charge of production and designs. She is a self-taught designer and believes that good designs are those that fulfill and satisfy the customer’s dreams. She has made a constant endeavor to upgrade the quality of designs to reach a higher level of aesthetics. This has ensured that her designs have been immensely successful and have literally flown off the shelves.

Mr. Nisheeth Nayar is in charge of advertising and sales. His flair for creative campaigns has resulted in beautiful brochures, which has resulted in increased sales. He also looks after all the Authorized Dealers and own shops.