Pearl Gemstone or Moti is an iridescent organic gemstone known for its lustrous appearance and astrological benefits. According to Vedic Astrology, Pearl represents the Moon. The Moon rules the emotion and mind in the human body. Pearl is the symbol of purity and emotional clarity. In Vastu, Pearl is used to receive liberal energies of helpful people. Pearl is recommended for those who get angry easily and lose their temper.

Pearl is extremely beneficial to remove the evil effects of moon and it strengthens the mind and increases good sleep and cures insomnia. It also improves memory, cures disorders, heart trouble and eye diseases, hysteria and pleurisy etc. It also increases sexual strength and makes the conjugal life happy, removes melancholy and increases fortune.

Pearl is the only gemstone which can be worn by anyone without consultation with an astrologer. Pearls are the only gemstone which does not harm you in any way, either worn alone or with other gemstones. Unlike some gemstones which can harm you if it does not suit you or if worn in conjunction with some other gemstone, pearl is safe in all aspects. Pearl can only do good to you, it will never harm you. It is the only gemstone which you can wear without any consultation with any astrologer.

What client's say?

I used to suffer from lack of sleep, I’d feel tired, and drained out all the time. Then I tried wearing the Astropearl pendant from Chandrani Pearls and saw the benefits. I started to feel a lot more relaxed, and started sleeping better at night. I now feel full of energy. I must say that pearls do work in making you sleep better.

Tapas Pal
(Melbourne, Australia)

Its sad to say, but I was suffering from a hot head. I would get angry at anything. It was so bad that I was making hasty decisions at work, and I started losing money in my business. It also started affecting my family life. My son refused to talk to me. I then purchased an Astro Ring from Chandrani Pearls and now wear it daily. I could feel the calmness almost immediately. My anger was more in control, and I started to make better decisions. It almost felt like my luck was changing. My business started improving, and now the best part is that my son has started to talk to me again.

Vishal Jain
(Kolkata, India)

My Son did not like to study. He would find every excuse in order to not study. It started affecting his grades. I purchased the astro Pendant from Chandrani Pearls for him, and started noticing a difference. He started spending time with his homework. His concentration levels went up, and he started doing better in his grades. Pearls really work in improving concentration and memory.

Megha Gupta
(Indore, India)

Benefits of wearing Astrological Pearls

Better Concentration
Brings Good Fortune
Peace of mind
Eliminates depression
If a child wears it then she/he will do well in studies
Improves memory
Suppress anger
Removes ill effects of Moon
Better personal relationships

There may be some Astrological Pearls available in the market but then you are neither sure of the quality or and its power or its genuineness or its price. You can be cheated with inferior pearl or artificial pearl while paying high price for the same and will not get any benefits for which you purchased the Pearl.

With Chandrani Pearls, India No. 1 Pearl Jewellery, you are sure that quality, genuineness, price etc. is just correct. We guarantee that each Astrological Pearl we sell is a real pearl of minimum 10 rathis.

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